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I only began working on an iPad in the spring of 2023. The concept of creating art digitally challenged the previous notion that I was, and always would be, an art maker who uses and takes delight in the tactile nature of art-making. I took pride and delighted in the way I could get lost in all five senses that are stimulated when creating art with my hands. The stinging chemical smell of turpentine, the greasy oil stains on my fingertips, the scratching of the paint brush against the canvas, the transformation of a bisqued mug to one that shows off its bright, colorful sheen, even the aftertaste of the kicked-up dust piling up under your feet.

My partner is often stupefied by my artistic process on the iPad; he loves the way I "wield" my pen and create layers of color, line, and patterns with its touch. I may not be able to smell the acrylic, or get my hands dirty in the pastels I’m using, but I can still manifest another universe where the mountains turn purple, the tops of trees line with gold, the edges of a building lose their integrity, and the distinction between land, sea, and sky becomes ambiguous.

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