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with personalized art.

Why get personalized art?

Gifts should encapsulate what we love about the recipient. My paintings and designs do just that with that with vibrant color schemes, unique compositions, and whimsical style. I make personalized for your friends and family, your company, or you.

Step 1: Choose your service

Peruse the options below and decide what type of personalized art you would like.

Step 2: Inquire

Complete an intake form before so that I know what you are looking for: what is the occasion? What style do you like? What's your budget? 

Step 3: Consultation

We will set up a free consultation to go over the scope of the project and finalize a quote for work to begin.


Approaching a special birthday celebration or holiday? Consider gifting your friends and family with beautifully rendered, handcrafted portraits, available in vibrant color or timeless black and white.

Starting at $400


Mark the significance of a particular place such as a childhood home, the site of a wedding, or your first apartment. Option to add in a portrait of loved ones to make it extra special. 

Starting at $500


Maybe your pet is new to the family, or you'd like to commemorate a pet who has passed away. Either way, these are great ways to capture the essence of a beloved furry friend in a personal way.

Starting at $200